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Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor's home.

The Edge of Time: Embracing Insights of the Embodied Form


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The Edge of Time: Embracing Insights of the Embodied Form

Within the complexities of the modern world it is easier than ever to be swept away into realms of theory, imagination and the mind that can drown us in illusory states of suffering, avoidance, denial or fear. Yet through insights drawn from traditional philosophical texts in combination with a strong physical practice there is the opportunity for profound shifts in understanding. It starts first with being grounded and stable in the embodied form, and through that, experiencing first hand a broadened and trusting perspective that helps to reveal the joy of working, not for ourselves and our own desires or needs, but for the benefit of others.

In this retreat daily asana, meditation and chanting practices will be couched in the context of the the Bhagavad Gita. Grounded in our own physical experience, prana and relationships we will follow Arjuna’s progression through the story to tap into the timeless insights of the text that point the way to navigating life’s inevitable difficulties. This retreat is growing directly out of our current work on writing about the Gita as it applies to everyday life.